Within the broad area of Corporate Communications, we focus on leveraging the feedback from our investor relations activities to educate and motivate an organization.

What better way to engage with employees than to make sure they understand what’s at stake and then trusting them to do their part?

We have learned from experience how important it is for CEOs and other C-Suite executives to give their organizations insight into the way their companies are valued. We develop communications templates that go to the heart of the matter, summarizing the latest analyst commentary and focusing on “hot topics” to be disseminated to employees in a broad range of formats.

Clients often look to us to bring an investor perspective into the boardroom, as well. This can take the form of in-person presentations on capital markets trends around the sector and company-specific valuations. We also put together quarterly BoardValue reports that contain third-party opinion and strategic commentary on industry competitors, which give board members the insight they need to ask the right questions.

Each of our senior professionals sit on at least one corporate or non-profit board and as a result, our board education and advisory services are anchored in our own experiences.  In the same vein, we have a team of experts on call for board and executive assignments for Succession Planning and Executive Coaching.